Wahwa is a venture building company specialising in creation and execution of novel and untested business models.

In the rapidly changing global business environment small and agile start-ups are increasingly challenging large corporations in creating disruptive business models, which shake entire industries.

Large corporations derive their competitive advantage from certain resources and competencies they might have used decades to build. At the face of change, these core competencies often turn to core rigidities, which resist adaptation to changed environment.

Wahwa functions like a scout and maps out the evolving terrain. We create new business models, test them and modify them to make them functional —and then we find the players needed to make them grow and scale up.

CEO Eeva-Liisa Ylälahti
+358 40 5309596

Wahwa Research & Insight Oy
Lönnrotinkatu 19C3
00120 Helsinki
ID: 266 3273-5