Wahwa spins off Heippa and forms Mesensei Ltd. around Claudia Treuthardt and the core Cabforce.com team members.

Heippa, the mobile app for Generating and Sharing Social Capital, was conceived by Claudia Treuthardt and it won the Future Infinite Future Innovation Award in 2014.

The concept was further developed and validated in co-operation with Finnish NGO partners including Lasten ja nuorten säätiö and Startup Refugees during 2015-2016. Wahwa team has also done extensive research and product development for Heippa in North American and Asian markets.

Mesensei will be headed by Tuukka Ylälahti as the CEO. Claudia will take the design lead as Chief Design Officer and Jani Niinimäki takes up the technology lead as the Chief Technology Officer.

Wahwa CEO, Eeva-Liisa Ylälahti will assume a role in the co-founding team as the of Chair of Board.

Find out more at www.heippa.fi and www.mesensei.com