Wahwa picked the Mesopotamian Grill team from the Startup Refugees Start it Up Pitch Competition with the promise to take their dream of opening a fish restaurant one step closer to reality.



Working together with the team of professionals from Kaksi Kanaa restaurant and the grill master Juhani Hiltunen Wahwa put the Mesopotamian Grill team to the test. Serving as the test audience was 40 odd food enthusiasts and friends of Wahwa and Startup Refugees.

Setting the table

The idea was to validate how domestic and imported fish can be prepared Iraqi -style on live charcoal in Finland through out the year.


Wahwa worked hard to find the suitable premises where we can set up a live fire grill in middle of Helsinki, while its snowing and freezing outside.


During the evening the professionals and the guests of honour sampled fish, chicken and vegetarian cuisines made by Mesopotamian Grill team.

The evening validated the basic concept, which was further refined by the input of guest and the professionals alike. If all goes as planned we will be hearing more from this team in not too distant future.

Stay tuned!

Invitation to Grill Night